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mechanical service

At mechanical service company our mission is simple : give our customers the best service possible & provide them with the expert advice needed to make informed decisions. We've done a lot of general overhaul, top & inframe overhaul of main engine, both at domestic & overseas.

electrical automation

As a controller & monitoring generator set (starting, shutdown, oil pressure indicator, water temperature, voltage monitoring, HZ indicator, battery charging system) the panel on the generator is also vulnerable to damage, therefore we are here as your solution.

hvac system & components

Getting started is as easy as calling the experts at Mechanical Services. We'll work with you to assess your current HVAC system & make recommendations about the type of maintenance and service that will really make a difference to your energy costs.

fuel pump - injector calibration

Calibrating fuel injectors are inteded to simulate closely the function of fuel injectors in the fuel injectionsystem of a diesel (compression-ignition) engine. Determine wear condition of medium speed engine fuel pumps and compare it with existing performance data.

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Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority

Find Us We are have done many industrial and especially marine projects, such as: Start-Up, Commissioning, Service Repairing & Overhaul, Troubleshooting and Maintenance. All this projects are belong to various national & international companies; shipyard, shipping company, hotel, logistic company, oil & gas company, etc. Contact us for further information concering how our products and services can easily satisfy your needs, present and future.