Electrical Automation

Electrical Automation

As a controller & monitoring generator set (starting, shutdown, oil pressure indicator, water temperature, voltage monitoring, HZ indicator, battery charging system) the panel on the generator is also vulnerable to damage, therefore we are here as your solution.

Unggul Pratama ensures that the engine systems are always optimally maintained, and repaired or replaced as quickly as possible, in the case of failures.

We supply of electronic, electrical and automation parts for the marine industry. Our primary goal is providing high-end technology and superior quality of services.

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  • Electrical Service & Support
    • Rewind & overhaul of HV/LV generators, electric motors and transformers
    • MCB testing services and current injection tests
    • Primary Current Injection
    • Secondary Current Injection
    • MCB Repair and Modification Services
    • Generator Excitation System ( AVR )
    • Main Switch Board
    • Meters Calibration
    • Control Circuits
    • Generator Synchronizing
    • Generator Load Sharing
    • Generator Protection Devices
    • Overcurrent Trip, Reverse Power Trip, Preferential Trip control
    • Power Management System
    • Design and Fabrication of New Switch Boards and Control Panels
    • Marine Control System
    • Repair, Maintenance , Installation and Commissioning Services
    • Main Engine Control System
    • Main Enginer Alarm and Monitoring System
    • Auxilary Engine Alarm and Control System
    • Bow Thruster Control System