Fuel Pump – Injector Callibration

Fuel Pump – Injector Callibration

Calibrating fuel injectors are inteded to simulate closely the function of fuel injectors in the fuel injectionsystem of a diesel (compression-ignition) engine. Determine wear condition of medium speed engine fuel pumps and compare it with existing performance data.

We are equipped with calibration stand specifically for Greaves Fuel Pump & injector calibration. Testing & Calibration of STC & Top Stop injectors also done in-workshop, our goal is to provide the most cost effective service solutions for diesel engine owners seeking diesel fuel injection system testing, repair and/or replacement.

Unggul Pratama understand the importance of accurate fuel delivery in diesel engines, we’re provides the necessary services to repair diesel fuel injection pumps and calibrate the system for the proper delivery of fuel and pump performance.

We are diesel fuel injector specialist that can competently handle the complete overhaul of diesel injection equipment from mechanical distributor type pumps to the latest common rail and unit injector systems.

Our state of the art mechanical and electronic diagnostics ensure no time is wasted trouble shooting and allow us to rapidly pinpoint any problems. Our scan tools are capable of pulling live data, and the latest in bi-directional controls, including, cylinder contribution tests, electronic compression test, injector and high pressure control.

Unggul Pratama Service technicians are factory trained and authorized to service most diesel fuel injection systems. Our procedures are quality approved and accredited. We can troubleshoot your diesel engine problem in our workshop with our on-board diagnostics tools. Our service department will estimate and advise before performing any repairs to the components of your diesel engine fuel injection system.