HVACR System & Components

HVACR System & Components

Want to Start Saving Energy for Your Business ???

We make it easy. Let us design a Green Energy Systems Contract that allows you to pay off your project costs with savings realized by your new energy efficient upgrades and renovations.

– Renovate your building – at no cost
– Improve your working or learning environment
– Reduce energy consumption

Today there are numerous options available to upgrade your system and help you save money on energy and heating bills. From energy efficient boiler controls to computerized energy management systems, each upgrade is an investment in reducing energy usage, improving system efficiencies and providing better indoor climate control.

An average business will typically have profitable opportunities to lower its bills by 30 %.*

To find the best upgrades for your building and equipment, Mechanical Services can identify the area of your highest energy use and will review with you the typical areas where business energy savings can be realized.

Consider the Savings

Consider a business with annual energy costs of $25,000. If a comprehensive upgrade program could reduce energy use by 30%, this business could save $7,500 per year. Assume that the cost of these measures results in a 3-year simple payback, which is typical. In delaying the upgrade, this business is forfeiting a low risk investment opportunity at 27% interest.

Don’t Delay Making Smart Energy Upgrades

Getting started is as easy as calling the experts at Mechanical Services. We will work with you to assess your current HVAC system and make recommendations about the type of maintenance and service that will really make a difference to your energy costs.

Improving the efficiency of your building can save you hundreds in energy costs while making your building more comfortable and safer too. At Mechanical Services, you’ll receive the technical expertise and service you need to choose the right energy savings equipment and energy management systems to help you save money and improve your heating and cooling efficiency.

  • Support
    • Hot Water and Heating systems
    • Heat Pump and heat recovery systems
    • Mechanical ventilation system (ducting systems)
    • Air-conditioning systems & equipment (DX, CW, AB, AD)
    • Humidity control systems
    • Refrigerant recovery
    • Refrigeration systems Marine Control System
    • Repair, Maintenance , Installation and Commissioning Services
    • Main Engine Control System
    • Main Engine Alarm and Monitoring System
    • Auxiliary Engine Alarm and Control System
    • Bow Thruster Control System Instrumentation Services
    • Control Valve overhaul & servicing, hydro and leak testing
    • Safety relief valve overhaul and servicing, pop and leak testing
    • Analyser maintenance and servicing
    • Controllers and transmitters calibration and reconditioning
    • Shutdown maintenance (SDM), repairs, servicing, installation, testing and calibration work
    • Loop check, calibration, commissioning and plant startup
    • Precision calibration of all kinds of switchboards, meters and instruments
    • Calibration of weighing machine