Prime Seven

Prime Seven

Prime Seven Diesel Outboard Engine

Authorized Distributor by Unggul Pratama

Features :

Good safety Performance : The use of higher ignition-point diesel fuel can avoid the risk of exploding caused by using the lower ignition-point gasoline fuel.

Strong Power Perfermance : With the more remarkable power performance and the stronger torque properties, the 4-stroke diesel engine is able to meet the demand of higher speed with heavy load. As the diesel outboard motors has strong drive and good torque characteristics.

Lasting and Durable Performance : Though the full loaded sea test for 500 hours, it certify that the reliable and durable power with mature technology and the multi-layered anti corrosion methods can guarantee the reliable and long-lasting performance.

The combined benefits of the efficient modern Diesel Engine and the robust transmission provide unique benefits for durability and increased range of operation. Optimized fir reducing life cycle cost for commercial usage.


ModelDom 10Dom 13Dom 15Dom 20Dom 25Dom 30HDom 40HDom 60H
Power (hp)101315 2025304060
Engine Type inline 1 inline 1 inline 1 V2 V2 V2 V2 V2
Displacement (CC)406456486836870723997997
Fuel Consumption (L/H)
Full Throttle RPM3600-40003600-40003600-40003600-40003600-40003600-40003600-40004500-5000
Warning System Warning System Warning System Warning System Warning System Warning System oil pressure & Thermostat oil pressure & Thermostat oil pressure & Thermostat
Starting Starting Starting Starting Starting Electric (turn-key) Electric (turn-key) Electric (turn-key) Electric (turn-key)
Manual Manual Manual
Steering RemoteRemoteRemoteRemoteRemoteRemoteRemoteRemote
Gearcase Ratio2.15:12.15:12.15:12.15:11.92:11.92:12.33:12.33:1
Dry Weight7478831151209098130
Cooling Systemair/water cooledair/water cooledair/water cooledair cooledair cooledwater cooledwater cooledwater cooled
Gearcase PptionsStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandardStandard
Exhaust SystemThrough propThrough propThrough propThrough propThrough propThrough propThrough propThrough prop
Fuel Tank Standard ( L)2525252525252525

Other Specification :

Recommended Fuel : 0#(Summer),-10#(Winter) diesel oil
Recommended Oil SAE10W30(CD grade above)
Shaft Length : 15″ /20″/22″
Fuel System : Direct Injection
Trim System : remote control kit /power trim /tiller control
Color : Phantom Black

Technical Specification :

ModelSupreme Diesel OBM SUP60 (Turbo)
Engine Type Turbo Charged Twin Cylinder, V-Line,4-Stroke,Water Cooling, Direct Injection.
Bore x Stroke (mm) 2-80×79
Displacement of piston (L) 0,693055556
Max RPM Range 5
Power (HP) 56 (Max) 60 (Output)Compression Ratio:19:01
Alternator Output 12V,280W,15A
Fuel Tank External
Fuel / Consumption Diesel / 280g/Kw Hour
Lubrication Engine Oil 2.2L / Gear Oil SAE#90
Engine Size (L x W x H) 1100 x 450 x 1450mm
Engine Net Weight (Kg) 125
Gear Shift F-N-R 1.5:1
Starting Electric 12V 1.5kw
Control Type Tiller Control / Remote Control
Recommended Propeller 3 x 11-1/4” x 13”
Warranty 6 Months From Date of Delivery